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I came across the Saltic Fura in my instagram feed, and was immediately felt an urgent need to get my hands on them. I think they were a blue coloured Fura M, on the Saltic Italia page. What seemed like an endless wait (for the shipping), turned into finding one of the best barefoot shoes on the market. Theres always a catch 22 though… A minimal amount of people know about them. So, lets get the word out!

Made in the Czech Republic, with prices ranging from 105-110 EU, available in over a dozen different colours and materials, and also sporting a female version. The Fura M (M for Male) is one of the best kept secrets out there. Perfect for the barefoot shoe enthusiast that has everything.

Sizes run big, and range from EU34-EU47. I’m usually an EU47, and in this case wear an EU45.

Bonus: They come with a GoreTex impregnation spray and a cool little carry bag.

Company Overview:

“From Climbing to Production and from Production to Climbing“ In 80’s there were no climbing shoes at all to be bought in former Czecho-Slovakia Republic shops and so the climbing accessories. Climbers started to useing football shoes because of it’s thickness and shape. Soon after that, founder of the company Saltic started ugrading the football shoes and then developed first proper climbing shoe. They become so popular that the idea of founding company producing this shoes were born and so the Saltic company.”

Since then they have embarked on the production of minimalistic shoes.

Initial Impressions:

  • Super light, wide, soft and flexible
  • They came with a carry bag and a GoreTex impregnation spray (Pictured Below)
  • Flat patented sole with a good ground feel
  • Looks like a climbing shoe, yet goes well with most outfits
  • No annoying seams
  • Could lack breathability properties

Sizing and Fit:

My foot is approximately 292mm, with my 2nd toe being the longest. As I prefer a bit of room between my toes and the shoe, I selected the EU45 (I’m usually an EU47 with most brands), which measured at 301mm. A Saltic measurement guide is available Here.

The width is 10.7cm, which accommodates the width of my mid-foot perfectly, requiring no break in period.

The toe box allows for full splay and movement, even though there is a toe-cap. All in all, the Fura is one of the best fitting, barefoot-friendly shoes I’ve worn.


  • The Velour Leather upper is quite soft and warm. Initially, i was concerned that I’d experience issues with a lack of breathability, however this was not the case at all.
  • The internal Cambrelle lining absorbed moisture, and felt somewhat rugged (In a good way).
  • The sole had excellent ground-feel, however didn’t have too much bounce in it. Which took some time to get accustomed to.


With a 3mm sole, and no insole, the Fura is quite ‘Barefoot’ and took some time to get accustomed to. However, once you were ready to go, there was no stopping…

In all seriousness, this is the most barefoot shoe I’ve worn, and that’s not only due to the 3mm sole. These are lightweight, wide, they allow your toes to splay and grip, and overall feel like a second skin, whilst providing protection.

They have a gazelle like feel when running, and the sensory feedback ensures that my running form is perfect. Furthermore, the toe-cap would only provide additional protection without comprising toe movement – for activities such as climbing, which is what the brand specialises in.

I haven’t put them through the meat grinder yet, but they’ve held up thus far. They’re fairly water resistant, and can take a scratch or two. A full care guide is available Here.

Technical Specifications:

Upper: Natural Leather Velor

Lining: Cambrelle

Insole: Nil

Sole: Abrasion Resistant Rubber

Stack Height: 3mm

Drop: 0mm

Weight: 369g (UK 8)


As a self confessed barefoot aficionado, what gets me excited is witnessing the constant influx of new companies. What gets me even more excited, is when a company delivers a shoe that ticks all the boxes.

I can’t praise this shoe enough, and it’s hands down one of the best barefoot shoes on the market.

I wish Saltic the best of luck in the future, and please get the word out on this shoe! Click on this link to browse their shop.

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