Barefoot from Saltic s.r.o.

A Czech manufacturer of climbing and trekking sheoes from Zlín, which has been in bussiness for over 28 years. With the precision of our own, we started the production of minimalist BAREFOOT shoes.

Specially created hoof – anatomically
tuned cut, so-called SOCK – we have adapted as much as possible to the needs of BF
customer. No tabs, no glued insoles, no overlaps,
non-pushing, with a hand-rolled and specially shaped sole – everything

Quality is our advantage

We do not sew Saltic Barefoot from leftovers, but only from natural I.-quality leather, which also guarantees the quality of the material and workmanship. The stylish barefoot unisex shoes, suitable for any occasion. The shoe provides protection to the foot without restriction of movement.

You can wear them for walks in the city, nature, fitness, running in the woods, yoga, Pilates, but also for outdoor activities.
Holds the narrow foot and anatomically shapes and relaxes the wide foot. Thanks to the massage of reflex points, the foot is better perfused

Only with us:

We are also providing repairs and soles changes.

It is possible to order
different sizes for left and right pari

For each pari you will get a handy bag and impregnation sprey.

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